Is life getting mundane?

Does hope of work and family that brings lasting happiness get so sidelined, you can’t find energy to get it back?

Maybe you are a spiritual person in a season of waiting, but the wait seems a few months or even years overdue.

If that’s you. Just want to let you know, I’ve been there and done that
 ~ Not on purpose but I’ve been too familiar with having a dream and losing it along the way.

Recently in June, 2017, I took a leap of faith to resigned my job of 12 years to dream again. I founded a social enterprise to do what I love. Despite the uncertainty, with a growing family and limited resource, I achieved success in a short time. I’ve broken even in 6 months and earning double what I used to earn.

Today I am an entrepreneur with 3 growing business and a steady growing client to sustain a passionate life travelling the world to empower orphans under the non-profit movement I founded.

With 22 years of corporate experience in different sectors including 12 years as a pastor in a mega church, I have developed a process of accelerated success. All these backed by eternal principles that is proven to develop creativity and propel any dreams forward. My process will help you ..

  • Determine Your Dream
  • Realign Your Path
  • Engage Truth
  • Anticipate Your Problems
  • Manage Your Success

Recently, a young man came to me.  He has a dream of being mentally stronger to overcome the regular down time of his entrepreneur life. After 3 months working with him, my process helped him develop a strong mindset to do just that. Today, he faces his business challenges with confidence and the healthy mindset.

Here’s how my other mentees have describe me:

“Hong Teck is an observant mentor. He is able to discern the unique situation I am facing and speaks words of wisdom to help me confront my issues. The advices given by him were practical; baby steps to lead me to achieve the targetted outcome. He is patient and dedicated in all our sessions since 2014. He is approachable and always make time to be available for me. Thanks to Hong Teck’s practical tips, I am able to pick up my leadership skills to now oversee 100++ volunteers over a short time” Edison, IT Executive who recently leaped to join a non-profit to pursue the cause he loved.

“Thanks, Hong Teck for your professionalism and careful mentoring. I joined his business coaching program and is able to confidently generate leads online and now leading my new venture” Victor Lin, Founder of 3Lights Interior Design.

“Hong Teck is passionate about building people and the next generation. He is an experienced mentor and has an genuine concern for people around him. He mentored me for the past 6 years and has taught me principles on how to live an authentic purpose driven life. For me, the biggest thing is how he inspires me to be a better version of myself, not someone else” Jia Hao, Marketing Executive.

“Hong Teck will believe in people more than the people will believe in themselves. I’m blessed to have the chance to journey this life with him ” – Madelin, (his) wife of 20 Years.

Whatever dreams you have lost, I can help you get it back. I have designed a program for you to accelerate your success faster than you can imagine. My programs do not achieve an information transaction with a feel good effect but it achieve results according to your unique dream.

I work with your specific goal through your own context and situation.

Today do you dream of

  • a better family 
  • a better career
  • a better life? 

Whatever your dream is, let us discover how we can work together.  I understand your dream is such a vital part of your life, I want you to enjoy pursuing it.  With my careful coaching I know your best life is not behind you but yet to come.

I thank God, I don’t have to take many clients so I am keeping a small group of clients. 5 is the capacity for effective work. “Many people wants to change but only one will because that ONE takes action”. Will you be the one to take action?

Let me get you in on another secret. Not only do I work with your unique dream but I work with you as a unique person as well. So for the next 10 person to contact me, I offer a free Ennaegram assessment so my work with you is based on your unique person. It will help achieve your gaols faster and with more flow.

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☑ I also offer a Monthly Personal Coaching Service with:
  • 1 Hour coaching through meet up (within Singapore) or phone/Skype (outside Singapore) following a program agreed with you during our Discovery Session.
  • A person to journey with in your personal/business aspirations.
  • Accountability for your personal/business goals.
  • Unlimited Email/Whatsapp Time.
  • Monthly Newsletter Subscription.

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But wait, for the next 5 person to contact me, I’ll include a FREE “Enneagram Personality Assessment” (Worth $59)  to help you know yourself and your key growth area so that at the end of your session, you will be inspired to know your next step in life. The offer will only be until 30 June 2018.

So don’t wait. Sign up for your FREE Discovery Session now. Let me make the session worth your time for your best year forward.


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