"Hiew Hong Teck" ~ Educator, Ex-Kids Pastor, Entrepreneur, Business Coach & Dream Mentor

70,000 things fighting for your attention..

Not making the right significance, contribution and money? Lost your dream due to distractions?

W.Edward Demings said "A bad system will beat a good person anytime"

He believed the system that people work in account for 90 percent of performance.

Our 3 Step Process is a system to help you dream again

1. Discover Your Authentic Dream

We'll help you not live someone else's dream but unearth yours. Discover tools to determine your authentic dream based on the brand called "you". You will have your eyes opened in this vital step for a sustainable growth in your life.

2. Design Your Growth Process

With an authentic brand, you'll start designing a unique process. Using our proven DREAM process, you will move from where you are to where you want to be. Your unique personality and background will not fit a standard process, so this will help you develop your unique success blueprint.  

3. Deliver Your Best Results

It's time to deliver your best results and live your best life. We will help develop your 'childlike creativity' to be your best self. Triumph over fear and live with rest.  Experience our 100% investment back guarantee to achieve 5X a more authentic and childlike you. That's our 100% guarantee!


"Hong Teck was the consultant for our children's team. He's a good consultant who helped us setup our ministry system. He left us with a ministry Playbook that is designed just for our ministry. Since his launch of the service in March, we have seen the double number of children come to the service. We recommend him to anyone who wish to look for someone to help their ministry or business grow” – Mina Bong, Hope Kuching Children's Ministry
“HT is a great digital marketing consultant. We value his professionalism and ability to teach and transfer knowledge to us in simple terms. We are able to develop an integrated marketing blueprint for our new business in a relatively short time" - Danielle, Smart Study Spaces
"We engaged HT and his team to manage our social media. They have run several successful campaigns to improve our organisation's online visibility. We are thrilled to see the number of our Facebook followers jump from 70 to 700 in a short time. We are happy for the 10 times increase and recommend HT to anyone who wants to rediscover their brand” – GM of OHC (Pending)
“Hong Teck is passionate about building people and the next generation. He is an experienced mentor and has an genuine concern for people around him. He mentored me for the past 6 years and has taught me principles on how to live an authentic purpose driven life. For me, the biggest thing is how he inspires me to be a better version of myself, not someone else” – Jia Hao, Marketing Executive.
“Hong Teck is an observant mentor. He is able to discern the unique situation I am facing and speaks words of wisdom to help me confront my issues. The advices given by him were practical; baby steps to lead me to achieve the targetted outcome. He is patient and dedicated in all our sessions since 2014. He is approachable and always make time to be available for me. Thanks to Hong Teck’s practical tips, I am able to pick up my leadership skills to now oversee 100++ volunteers over a short time” – Edison, IT Executive who recently leaped to join a non-profit to pursue the cause he loved.
“Thanks, Hong Teck for your professionalism and careful mentoring. I joined his business coaching program and is able to confidently generate leads online and now leading my new venture” – Victor Lin, Founder of 3Lights Interior Design.
“Hong Teck will believe in people more than the people will believe in themselves. I’m blessed to have the chance to journey this life with him ” – Madelin, (his) wife of 20 Years.



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