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Every day when you step out to the world.

You turn on every side, from left to right, back to front, you’ll see everyone connected;

Yes, that’s right. Connected …. to their smart devices. And it is often done with total undivided attention as though life depends on it.

But we know the term ‘being connected’ means more than that.

It has always been ‘to have a heart connection’.

There’s no better time to go back to what it really means.

Here are my 3 Ways To Be More Connected

And it’s about people, not devices. The 3 ways are to be used on people are the 3 most relational phrases in the English language.

1.  Be Grateful, say “Thank you”

2. Forgive, say “I’m Sorry”

3. Value, say “I Love you”

It’s simple but it works. It works because these phrases reach the heart of a person to make the better connection.

What do you think? Do you use these phrases daily? What phrases can you practice using today?