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About HT

Hong Teck, a father of 3 children and a husband to the most wonderful woman Mag.

Born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, he lived there for 16 years before migrating to Perth, Australia. After 4 years of university torment, he achieved a Bachelor of Science (Honours) with a  Double Major in Information Technology and Computer Science from the University of Western Australia.

After 2 months, he left for Singapore to work in the IT industry for 10 years. Then, he vocationally moved on to be a pastor of a mega church, focusing on children.

12 years of ministering to the youngest group in Hope Church, God called him to expand his mission to orphans in 2018. Even with financial challenges, Hong Teck trusted in his own God and managed to start up three businesses in Personal Coaching, E-commerce and IT Consultancy.

Additionally, he co-founded SongKids. SongKids is a non-profit organization with a mission to: “Make Space For Kids To Find Their Song”. SongKids have organised teams to visit orphanages; donated to orphanage expansions; given university study awards; organised Music and Arts Festivals for orphans and also given micro-loans for orphanage leaders to start small businesses. To find out more, visit SongKids here.