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About Me 4

Hi, I’m Hong Teck. People call me HT. I’m 47 and I love life.

But, I don’t like talking about myself.

So let’s NOT talk about me. Let’s talk about YOU.

Have you ever had a dream of wanting to do something beyond your wildest imagination?

Ok, Maybe not now, but as a child? Or maybe even now.

You know that dream still lurks inside of you, every now and then fighting to come out.


It’s not a concept. It’s not just a good idea.

It’s GENUINELY your dream. One that you actually ‘dream’ about.

The fact that you are thinking about it when I asked that question shows it’s not just a passing thought, but a persistent desire living deep inside you.

And that is important to know.

Another thing that is important to know is that we have built into us a certain power and tenacity to pursue that dream.

You may not feel the dream or the tenacity, but it’s there.

Now think about it, if that dream is so easy, you would have fulfilled it by now. And it’ll cease to be a dream anymore. But the truth is that your dream is challenging. And because it’s just that, it remains your dream, valuable within you.

And with that dream comes the tenacity to pursue it. You may not feel that tenacity because you may not have acknowledged and accepted it as your own.

You may pretend it’s not there. But you cannot deny that thinking of that dream gives you goosebumps (and also often fear). Whatever you do (or not do) to it, you know it’s a feeling of adventure.

What’s that dream you have there? You may not be pursuing it but it’s still your dream. It may sound ridiculously crazy or impractical but it is still your dream.

Will you let it come out? 

Now that I have said what I want to say about you, if you are still interested to continue to learn about me, here’s a quick summary about me. And at the same time, I’ll let you in on my dreams too.

I was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Lived there 16 years before migrating to Perth, Australia.

I had my journey of wanting God. Click here if you want to know more.

Came back to Kuala Lumpur after 4 years of university torment getting a Bachelor of Science certificate.

I left for Singapore 2 months later. I worked as an IT consultant according to my computer science major.

Started a family. The Madelin I married was a great counsellor, after that wife and then mother to the 3 kids we received as gifts from God along the way.

After 10 years, I vocationally leap from an IT professional to be a minister to children. No, not the government kind. The church kind. Yes from programming computers, I need to program some children. That was a big leap as it meant a big pay cut when I had 3 young kids (the youngest was born just 2 months before that).

That’s about fulfilling my 1st dream.

12 years later, I took that leap again. Now from being the children pastor of Hope Church in Singapore, I sense the call to start a social enterprise so that I can use business to channel resources to make a difference to orphans all over the world. Through the non-profit SongKids, I co-founded with a team who are passionate to “make space for kids to find their song”, we have organised teams to visit orphanages, donated to orphanage expansions, given university study awards, organised Music and Arts Festivals for orphans and also given micro-loans for orphanage leaders to start small businesses.

That’s about fulfilling another dream (again the second time)

Was it easy? No. Was it challenging? Surely. Was it done? Resounding yes (with a tenacity that follows).

I am a dream pursuer. I cannot stand a good dream not pursued. If it is noble, proved genuine and of the right kind, it should be viciously assaulted.

Up to this point, if you are still thinking of YOUR DREAM we talked about earlier. You know it’s a dream you cannot easily shake off.

If you trust that I can help you. I can.

I have developed a short course to help you start your childlike creativity journey. My 15 years of computer programming to my 12 years programming for children, I know a fair bit about childlike creativity and how to use it to program for success towards your dreams.

Just like a child who not only dreams but have the curiosity, tenacity, and energy to pursue them,

I can teach you to do the same.

Today I’m a social entrepreneur, speaker-trainer, an orphan advocate and living my life according to my God dreams. I love Music & Art, founded myOthings.com where I help you find things you will love for a long time.

I also write a guitar blog at PlayGoodGuitar.com and blog my own spiritual exercises at LittleIgnatian.

Of course, I hang out mostly here at hthiew.com helping you develop childlike creativity and pursue your authentic DREAM.

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In leadership, life & childlike creativity, HT