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When people ask me what I do,

I will tell them, I help people overcome their limitations, awaken their childlike creativity so that they can dream again.

They will ask, what’s childlike creativity?

What’s that?

Oh, if it’s about that thing called ‘creativity’, no thanks.

It’s not for me. I am not like you, I have tried but I’m just not creative.

No thanks!!

Well childlike creativity is not anything special.

I’ll explain that it’s just our natural ability to find inspired solutions to our everyday problems.

I am not talking about wearing our outfit different from others or even doing things creatively for the sake of being creative. But it’s about practically finding our next best step to solve our current problem in front of us whether it is big or small.

It could be in your office where an innovative solution is needed

Or in your business where you need a new way of engaging your clients

Or At home where you need to enhancing important relationships

You may think, well you have tried to do things differently or creatively but situations just don’t get better.

It’s no point trying and you just settled with not rocking the boat.

So you choose to settle for mediocrity because this childlike creativity is just not in you.

Well let me tell you what you think cannot be any further than the truth.

Yes, you may have been creative before in some situations where ideas flow but ….


If you are ever been a child, and I assume we all have, Then childlike creativity is built into you. If you come into this world as a child. You have it.

The creativity as a child with full curiosity wanting to explore and the huge sense of wonder.

You once operated with it but you have since forgotten about it.

You see what happens is that as you grow older, you experience things. Events that are good and bad.

Sadly MOST OF THE TIME you remember the bad and so you developed this rationale adults mind that has settled. That mind fixed challenges us to be careful and wary at all times. It brings us to a place where we lost the wonder and stop being curious anymore.

As a result, you stop looking for solutions outside the world that is FIXED AND LIMITED BY your adult mind.

I am not saying your adult mind is BAD, it’s just not complete without THE PARTNERSHIP WITH childlike creativity.

You see Childlike Creatives operate on the human virtues of love and partnership. It HELPS US tackle complex issues created by adults with an overdose of rationale we face today.

Sadly with our creativity tighten up. We have not only lost a natural ability to make the world a better place but LOSE opportunities, relationships and profit.

I believe that childlike creativity is still available for you regardless of how LONG YOU HAVE LOST IT OR HOW old you are.

It’s a matter of how do I unearth it? So that Everyday is a new experience with new miracles

I quit my 9-5 first time in 2005 to work with children.

For 12 years I lead a team to champion family and mentor the next generation. My countless hours of interacting with children, I discover one thing.

NOT ONLY IS Childlike creativity found in everyone,


That’s right.

If we only allow our true self to come out, we uncover childlike creativity and allow the source of inspiration for solutions to all our complex problems to come through


But there is a way to do it. I have developed a process through my studies of unearthing your childlike creativity in 5 steps. Which I will share with you soon. For now, just know you have it in you to be childlike creative for the best solutions to your everyday challenges.

Enjoy your day.