You and your digital transformation

If you feel like you lack the awareness of who you are, what is the service you are providing to the world. The lack of visibility results in the lack of leads and the lack of relevancy.

The news of retrenchments and technology replacing people in the age of disruption adds to our anxiety and the feeling “am I able to keep up”.

Welcome to the start of your digital transformation. I have 15 years of corporate IT experience and have been a social media influencer. I have helped accountants, wealth directors, interior designers and educators go through their digital transformation to cease feeling irrelevant but take fresh action in their business again.

The program begins with assessing your current business and brand. It will then follow a systematic step by step program to help you know who you are and what is your service to the world.

DAY 1. Assess Your Personal or Business Brand
DAY 2. Start Your Website Quickly
DAY 3. Learn Engagement with Social Media
DAY 4. Begin Your Marketing Plan
DAY 5. Build Your List
DAY 6. Getting Your First Customer
DAY 7. Build on One For Many

We guarantee results. That you will develop visibility in a new channel where you can find your first new customer in the new platform. We know that with one, you can leverage for hundreds and thousands later on.

I look forward to working with you. The world looks forward to seeing the fresh new “digital” you.

We are working on a digital course but if you are in Singapore
, I give FREE friendly consultancy of how your business can experience digital transformation personally, Whatsapp/call me at +65 92212246 or Facebook me.