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The quality of your life comes from the quality of your questions.

As a child, we are curious about everything. We ask questions and frankly so many that we may have driven our parents crazy trying to answer them all. But questions are important. At that age we are growing, it determines what we learn and how it shapes our values.

Now that we’re adult.  We somehow stop asking that many questions. We stop asking questions believing this is all to it in life and there’s no more room to learn and grow.

That’s a sad reality.

Actually, we should be all the more curious the older we get as our curiosity should drive questions to impact how we learn, grow, design our life and make a profit.

If you think its too late for you. No. It’s NOT.

You can be childlike curious again. Ask the right questions to propel you to dream again.

Let me give you 3 powerful questions that will make a difference between you surviving another year and you thriving to make it the best year of your life.

There are 6 days left before the end of the year (at the time of writing)

I suggest you spend it reflectively. In your quiet time for the next 3 days (Day 1,2 & 3) answer one of these 3 questions or all 3 in 3 days.

The questions are

1) What would you do in 2019 if you have all the resources in the world?

2) What would you do in 2019 if all you could do is win?

3) What would you do in 2019 if you give yourself full permission?

Find the one common idea in your answers.

That could well be your call or dream in 2019.

What is it? Is it compelling? Is it too small? Is it big and frightening?

Whatever it is, for the remaining few days, ask if it’s truly what you want.


The question to ask in Day 4, 5 and 6 until the new year is “Why do you want to do that?”

It’s a simple WHY question but a very important one.

Here’s what I want you to do. For every time you answer that question, ask “why” again. The why is to to the answer to the last question. Keep doing it until something happens in your heart. If the why touches your heart, the meaning of that dream becomes powerful.

For example….
What would you do in 2019 is to give yourself permission to make a lot of money.
Q1: Why do I want to do that (ie make a lot of money)?
Your answer: Errr… so that I can take care of my family.
Q2: And why do you want to do that (ie take care of your family)?
Your answer: So that I can fulfil my responsibility in the family
Q3: Why do you want to do that (ie fulfil my responsibility)?
Your answer: Hmm, to make the person I love happy.
Q4: Why do you want to do that (ie. make people happy)?
Your answer .. So that I’ll be happy …
Q5: Why do you want to do that (ie. be happy)?

Your answer: So that …..

Q6 .. Q7 … etc etc. You can the point!

Keep asking until you have the most meaningful answer.
If you can’t get a meaningful answer, change your dream as it may to be a worthy dream.
? ? ? ? ?

At the end of this exercise, not only do you have a call or a dream in 2019, you’ll have the right motivation (or the why) to do it.

I hope this exercise helps you start what is to be the most meaningful year in your life. The point is not for perfection, is for you to start.

I want to wish you the best to design your year and to dream again in 2019.