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Have you watched “The Crazy Rich Asian”?

You may get inspired by its portrayal of THE BEST LIFE, as one full of big houses, nice cars, pretty friends, expensive meals and other luxuries.

We forget THE BEST LIFE defined by those things is Hollywood made. So it exist pretty much in theory. I’m not saying that stuff do not matter. Just that it’s not what defines the BEST LIFE. Those who have achieved these things will tell you its NOT what brings about the BEST LIFE. Derek Sivers found success early and became an instant multimillionaire after selling his e-business CDBaby. He sold it, gave it all to charity and chose a nomadic life living in Asia.

If the best life isn’t a materialistic one, a better definition maybe depending on who you are. And how you are made to BE.  The best life is one that is fulfilled by being your creative self. Maybe a better title for this post is “How To Live YOUR Best Life”. Yes, it’s different for different people

Everyone is a creative person.

You are either a creative person or you are not is not true. You need to recognise you are created as one. As long as your fingerprint is unique and different from everyone in the world, you are a creative person. You become creative just accepting that you are created different.

The resources you have is in you as a creative person. Maybe its in seed form. It will come out if you cultivate it. Water it and it will grow. You will reap its benefit and truly life THE BEST LIFE. YOUR BEST LIFE.

Here’s 7 practical ways to grow creatively towards your best life

1. Be A Rested Being

The natural resources exists in you. When you learn to rest, you learn to bring these resources out. Our creative faculty heightens when we slow down our doing. Every morning, I wake up knowing I’m in my most creative best. The serotonin hormone makes me work from the sense of cool and calm. I do my creative work in the morning and throughout the day to make sure I do not work for too long a stretch, I incorporate breaks in between. My work output increases the more rested I am in the day.

2. Move Enough So Creativity Can Show Up

While rest is the basic, work bring out our BEST life. The bible tells us to work 6 days and rest one day. It is not saying that work is more important than rest but to work more than rest having fulfilled the basic requirement of rest. What makes creativity needed is when we move towards living our life. To confront the issues and challenges, our rested brain triggers our creativity. It release dopamine, the hormone that moves you from boredom to being excited and engaged. A great life is defined not by the absence of  challenges but the fulfilment of solving challenges through our creative  work.

3. Try Something Different Regularly

Our brain gets stuck when we become conditioned to a stimulus that brings an automatic reaction. One that is similar than the last time. To jolt the process, try to do something different regularly. Keep your brain functioning creatively by giving it different inputs through exposing it to different environment. When you try to do something different, the brain works powerfully to adapt and find joy in connected the dots to what it already knows.

4. Let Ideas Flow Before You Filter It

This is a point about being open. When your mind is open, you can filter it later. Pity if its closed by memory or conclusions made in the past. What if your best idea comes and its in a raw form that needs processing but the raw form doesn’t conform to your idea of an idea. Dangerous way to live the BEST LIFE. So be open, open, open before you close it!

5. Pray and Talk To The Source

We are spiritual beings with a physical experience. Not physical beings with spiritual experience. So its good to be connected to the Source. To God, Lord or your Divine guide, prayer is meaningful to all human (spiritual) beings. When you pray, it is well researched that you get into a much more creative space than when you are consciously awake thinking, studying or doing things.

6. Pickup A Creative Practice

There’s something creative you are interested in. Everyone has. It’s weather you have given yourself permission to do it. Playing the guitar, painting, dancing, imagining, making stuff, you name it. It’s all good for us to practice. For that defines the unique us. What we love creatively will enhance our creative faculty like nothing else. Maybe you can start by getting a note book or a sketch pad and start doodling. Put anything on paper. I mean anything. Don’t audit your creative process. Start somewhere and let it creatively evolve into something you can do every day. I used to play guitar, I stopped and you cannot imagine the joy I am having after picking it up again.

7. Don’t Quit Being Creative Until You Become It

Keep trying 1-6 until you become creative. Yes, you have it to be creative and LIVE THE BEST LIFE according to your term.


What do you think? How are you creative? How do you live THE BEST Life for you?