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If you are stuck in whatever situation you are in, God wants to help you. Pray for guidance and then consider these 5 pointers to get you unstuck.

1. You Have The Power

To act, change and make a difference. That’s the nature of the created being.

2. You Can Let Go Of Your Stories

Some should be removed, some not be retold again. The stories limit you and stop you from moving forward.

3. You Can Keep Your Heart Open

To what the Holy Spirit wants to speak to you and do. It may come dramatically or in a whisper. An open heart is the means to receive it.

4. You Need To Know What You Want

Listen to our heart’s real desire. Jesus asked his first disciple his first question, “What do you want?” or “What are you looking for?”. So what do you want?

5. You Need To Align It To What God Wants

To know our ultimate calling and to see what God sees of the need in this world is our ultimate freedom. Seek out your calling and life’s purpose.

I hope these 5 pointers, point you back to God’s flow in your life. Let me know what you think? So share what helps you unstuck when you are?