Know Yourself

Know Your Vision

Seek to know yourself, who you are and what you are meant to do. With that vision, you advance positively to your destiny. Don’t fear people or ask for their approval when you pursue your purpose. If it’s not wrong or harmful to people, don’t ask their permission to do it. Stay invested in the long term on what the Source has called you to do. It’s hard for people who want short term pleasure to build what you are meant to in this world. Know your vision.

What is one word that defines your vision? Start seeking what that one word means for your purpose. Mine isn’t a word, its a letter “O”. O stands for Orphans. I’m to care for them. O is also an endearing term for anything I love and am connected with, like O’car, O’guitar, O’things.

I know mine, what is yours?

Focus On Strengths

Know your strength and use it profusely. When you do what you are good at, all the things you are not good at, surround yourself with people who can help you. Take advice but don’t take many opinions when many want to offer them to you to sharpen you. If opinions gets too overwhelming and is not helping, stay away. Keep with those who can add to your strengths. You should be known for your strength rather than your weaknesses. When you use your strength, you are recognising the gift that has been given to you by God. And being faithful to this gift is always a very good thing.

What is the one thing people say you are good at? What do you think you are good at? Mine is envisioning and building a team towards that vision. Knowing my strength helps me be clear of my role here. What about you?

Leverage and Love Failure

Failure is not a bad thing if you don’t allow it to remain one. Every failure is a big step forward towards your goal if you take the lesson and do not give up. It’s part of the process for you to know yourself and discover your strength (through knowing what you are not good at doing, what you like or don’t like). Failure really makes you wiser and you should not see it any other way. Leverage failure as a stepping stone to the next level makes you love failure when it happens.  Failure also makes you human and soften the harsh journey of endless achieving. Being reflective and embrace people around you who will also fail makes the journey more human and hence greatly worthwhile.

With every move and transition I make, I know I have exhausted all possible way forward. It appears like a failure to move on. Maybe it is a failure, but I learn to move on with the lesson, knowing myself to keep focussing on my strength and leverage that failure.

It’s so worthwhile knowing myself and it’s given me great joy in the journey.

How about you?

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2 thoughts on “Know Yourself”

  1. Thanks HT – When I read it I felt more inspirational. In recent days I’m getting a lot of failures and people around me have lost their trust where it lead to them thinking that what ever I’ll do it always goes wrong. But no matter how many obstacles I get in the way I’m always taking my failures as a learning step towards my long term goal. Yes and knwoing yourself shows you your true strength and will power, This article will turn many people lives to positivity. Excellent and keep writing, cheers Mana.

    1. Glad that the post help. You have to keep going for your goals and surround yourself with people who cares and will spur you on. All the best man!

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