Feeling overwhelmed?
Not looking forward
 to the weekdays?
ragging your feet to your 9-5 and perhaps feeling out dated in the new economy.

Maybe you tried to fix it with a motivational talk or a self help book, only to find it’s not a permanent fix. You could even end up worse off than when you started.

Maybe you have given up.

You stopped dreaming for so long, you’ve settled with a self defeating mantra that says “life is just like that. I cannot expect more”.

Well if that described you, you are not alone.

It happens to many, even the best of us.

Although it is a common phenomenon, it doesn’t have to be like this or stay like this… for anyone.

Hi, I’m HT.  I am a husband, father and ex-children pastor. Now I am a personal coach, entrepreneur and orphan advocate.

I have made 2 big transitions in my life, so I’m no stranger to losing my dreams and finding it again.

Having made transitions into new ventures successfully within a short time frame, I learned the art of doing it without losing things myself.

In my first leap, I quit my corporate 9-5  to serve in a non profit church organisation as their children pastor.

That season of 12 years of my life serving children has its ups and downs. It has joys and challenges but as a whole is nothing short of amazing.

I have discovered truth that seems to provide real answers to a stressed-out corporate life.

I learned to see life from a childlike perspective. And that, amongst other things healed me.

Children taught me a key truth that ..

“Restoring our childlike creativity is the secret to help us live and dream again.”

Yes, the key to dream again is not found out there in obscure places. It is found WITHIN US.

Being our best authentic self is our childlike creative journey.

In my last leap just this June (2017), I left the non profit to start this social enterprise for the cause of orphans all over the world. This is my creative consultancy with the aim to help people awaken their childlike creativity and dream again. I want to help people overcome their stressful corporate life and be on their way to a brand new one.

Maybe there is a cause in the universe calling for you.

Perhaps you already know it but you don’t dare to take a leap.

Or you are already on it but find yourself not making the right progress.

You know, you are reading this for a reason. You are here for that chance to unearth that dream and set it in motion again.

You know you’ll always get the same result if you keep doing it the same way. The best time to do it was yesterday.

Now is the second best time!


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