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You have an honest dream!

In fact, everyone has. And it is built in you, a tenacity to pursue it.

But I know, that pursuing your dreams is scary. Very scary.

You may be thinking “do I have what it takes?”, “am I too old?”, “do I have enough savings?”, “is it really my time?”.  So you settle with living lesser than what you deserve.

I thought the same way too.

All my life that it is not yet my time. Until one day I learned to think another way.

In fact, all my life, I lived with this persistent inner voice telling me that I am not good enough. And that it’s not yet time.

You may feel the same way.

But despite that voice, I found out that I can choose to still do it anyway.

    • I have lived in 3 culturally diverse cities; Kuala Lumpur, Perth and now I in this exotic sunny island called Singapore. Adapting to life in new cultural setting wasn’t easy but I chose to do it anyway
    • I have made several vocational changes from the IT industry (where I learned ‘systems’) to a non-profit church organisation (where I learned about people or ‘souls’) Now from non-profit, I’ve switched to ‘social’ and started my social enterprise with a cause. Not easy from systems to souls and souls to social, but I still do it anyway.
    • 1998 I married the woman of my dreams and we have 3 wonderful kids together. All of them teenagers now and the journey of parenting while having its challenges has never been better. Marriage and parenting 3 kids was hardwork, but I chose to stick to it and do it anyway.
    • 2005 until now, I took a step of faith, took a big pay cut and moved with my calling to join the church to become kids pastoral staff, then kids pastor and family life minister @ Hope Church Singapore. I have led teams and trained 300 kids leaders for 500 children pioneered many initiatives in the church. Not easy lead big communities but I chose to do it anyway.
    • 2015, Just when everything seems good, I went into a depression. Out of that, I founded SongKids, a non-profit with the mission of “making space for kids to find their song”. A free guitar for kids initiative started and soon the SongKids festival, a platform for kids in orphanages to bring out their songs. It is an annual event to connect businesses and youth to bless the next generation of a city begin. Big dreams coming true. It’s hard to comprehend how it can happen but it did and I just chose to do it anyway.
    • 2016 God’s new dream unfolded in my sabbatical. A 5 days silent retreat in Chiang Mai in a burned out state,  I received a confirmation for what could be my ultimate honest dream to creatively connect the dots, empower kids all over the world and channel resources to bring out songs. My life purpose is determined and I am choosing to do it anyway.

Yes, I have never felt like I’m good enough for all these but doing it anyway helped and it’s always been good.

I believe that whatever your situation is, you may have a song inside of you waiting to come out. You have great potential. You hear the call in your heart to pursue your honest dream but you can’t seem to find the outlet now.

I know how it feels.

So I truly want to help you along. I want to share my experiences and help you develop the tenacity, systems and processes to pursue all your honest dreams.
It can be done, it all has been done before by others and it will be done for you.