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Feeling stuck over an issue you are facing?

The stress of the issue in the midst of your everyday activities may have got you down. And you feel like giving up what  mattered to you.

Don’t go through it alone.

I’m glad you drop by! As many has come in situations of stress and have found the perspective they need.

Welcome to the start of your change!

“I can help you experience a Transformation in 7 Days.” – HT

Hong Teck has 20 years experience mentoring others. He has helped accountants, wealth directors, interior designers and educators experience transformation. He is able to help you feel less stressed and take a fresh approach to your life again.
Hong Teck’s  7 Day Transformation begins with assessing your current situation. It then follows a systematic step by step program to help you know who you are, what are your main obstacle and develop a total strategy to win again.

Day 1. Assess Your Current Situation
Day 2. Find out Your Enneagram Profile
Day 3. Overcome Your Current Obstacles
Day 4. Develop A Plan To Build Yourself
Day 5. Discover Peace and How To Refuel Strategically
Day 6. Let Your Childlike Creativity Come Through
Day 7. Develop a Mindset of Always Growing

We will customise the program to meet your specific personal needs. 

Hong Teck looks forward to working with you and more importantly, the world looks forward to seeing the fresh new you.

Contact him at +65 92212246 (In Singapore) or 

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