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You have heard Quality over Quantity, which I absolutely believe without a shadow of a doubt. But how about simplicity over quality?

I experienced just that the last 2 weeks of I have been training for my Mount Kinabalu climb.

Last week I brought something different to carry water from what I normally bring. I brought one of these…

The weeks before that I brought something simplier which I bought from a convenience store.

Today, when I had to choose one, I choose a simple bottle as last week’s choice of a water bottle just doesn’t do it for me.

Why was a seemingly more expensive and quality bottle losing out to a simple cheap plastic bottle for me?

Well, it is a case of simplicity is better than quality.

  • Bottle Q holds lots of water. It’s too heavy to carry with me.
  • Bottle Q is big and it’s so hard to hold and trek at the same time.
  • Bottle Q leaks. I know it shouldn’t leak but it has complicated mechanism and after a while just doesn’t work anymore.
  • Bottle S doesn’t hold so much water. Therefore I cherish every single drop that comes out of the mouth of the bottle.
  • Bottle S is small and easy to carry. I can hold it and trek at the same time.
  • Bottle S has a simple mechanism and the bottle cap just works and fits tightly with no spill when I tilt it.

In life, choose simplicity because quality may have certain extras that you don’t need. Sometimes it may just weight you down.

Travel light on this side of heaven, knowing that you don’t need so much to be happy. Maybe its just what you need to love life again.

What are your thoughts? Have you ever experience simplicity over quality? If so I would love to hear about it.