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☝️ Ask what you want to be. Where you want to go?
Many people confuse dreamers with drifters. They are not the same thing. Dreamers are not drifters. Drifters are drifters and usually they are non dreamers.
If you are a drifter without a dream of what you want to be and where you want to go, it doesn’t matter. Anywhere is a good.
But if you have a dream, everything changes. Read on.
✌️ Detect old ways that’s not bring you there.
Reflection time!
What are you doing now that’s not getting you what you want to be and where you want to go.
Simply detecting them in a “Old way” or “Old habit” list is a good start.
List it, read it, burn it! (or less dramatically throw it out)
? Drown old habits with fresh new actions
If you have tried and it’s too hard to use your will power to break old habits…. Why not drown your old habits ….. drown it with loads and loads and loads of new actions.
Today there are tens,hundreds and thousands of ways to do something. Try waking up tomorrow and make resolutions how to do something differently and better. I bet you’ll find innovation fascinating and able to make things we want to do easier and with a whole lot more fun.
In my maiden year as an entrepreneur last year. I have found so many ways to stay motivated, work, earn money and innovate that I can do a whole day workshop without lack.
It has been fun with adventure almost every single day, I simply have no time and space for old habits.
As we never be short of fresh new actions, choose not to break your old habits to drown it with fresh new actions.
That’s it! ? 3 Quick Tips To Take Massive Action!
Enjoy the journey of pursuing your dream again!