Do you have a dream but do not know how to pursue it?

Are you a stuck, stressed and find it hard to move on?

You need a DREAM process. The difference between a dreamer who used to dream and one who’s still dreaming is that one follows a process that works. Discover the proven DREAM PROCESS to pursue anything you want.

“Daring it with faith is way better than shrinking with fear.”

Using a 5-Step System, Hong Teck has built 5 teams to 50 teams of volunteers in his last assignment as a children’s ministry leader. He has also created many winning programs along the way. The process begins with “How to Determine Your Dream” and end with “Managing Your Successes” with many insights in between.

This program is suitable for those;

  1. Who are not living their dreams to find their honest calling
  2. Who cannot find the right path towards their goals
  3. Who are entangled in the blame game
  4. Who sees problems as a dead end
  5. Who are successful but yet could not find happiness in their success

The DREAM PROCESS in 5 unique parts.

Determine Your Honest Dream:

Hong Teck will lead you to a place you’ll know what you truly desire so that you can define your dream accurately what you truly want, not what you are supposed to or told to have. [Tool: Half Year Big Five Aim]

Realign Your Weekly Path:

Hong Teck will challenge you to relook at the current path you are taking and how that is not going to lead you where you want to go. Hong Teck will propose a way to chart a new path for you so that you can start living your dream. [Tool: Your Week’s Work]

Engage Your Reality:

Hong Teck will lead you to go deeper into your soul, what is your reality. How is your inner game affecting your outer one? [Tool: The Plank]

Anticipate Your Challenges:

Hong Teck will facilitate you to look at all the challenges that will come your way and propose a way to look into it and through it what it can uncover for you. [Tool: Sneak Behind Every Door]

Manage Your Success:

Hong Teck will challenge you to relook at success and if success is reaching your dream or is it the process towards your dream. And he will facilitate you to enjoy the journey and redefine success as progress rather than the ultimate result. [Tool: Live Your Joy Now]

What you have read above is just part of the DREAM PROCESS, which is packed with tools and techniques to overcome challenges every step of the way.

To experience the full DREAM PROCESS for yourself, click here to contact Hong Teck now.