Using Childlike Creativity For Life

I worked for 10 years in the corporate. Then 12 years in a non-profit working with kids. The biggest learning in my last 12 years was how to be childlike creative like children. It thought that would be good things to know back in my 10 years in the corporate setting.

They do things differently and rightly so, for a reason only they know (or maybe for reasons they don’t). It is good for me to close this 12 years chapter with what I learned from children that we can use for our corporate life.

Before I start, I want to share with you that childlikeness is not childishness. Childishness can be an irresponsible action by adult to like a child without care and responsibility over a situation. It is not childlikeness that we are discussing here.

Childlikeness is a way of seeing things. It’s about doing things and a way of life that is positive. It’s a spontaneous positivity and a natural trust to live in the present and just do it believing that things will work out the right way.

Here are the 8 childlike creative things that affected me the most.

  1. Using the subconscious mind to ask

  2. Be curious. Try another way

  3. Have fun at every chance

  4. Skip to your next destination

  5. It’s okay to cry

  6. Be honest about how you feel

  7. Don’t overthink situations

  8. Live in the moment

There you go, the 8 childlike creative things we can learn from children for our personal and corporate life.

How about you? What are the other childlike creative things you learnt from children?

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6 thoughts on “Using Childlike Creativity For Life”

  1. Hi Ht,

    I have to admit, I am very childlike in my approach to life.

    I’m carefree and beyond hopeful without looking into the negative side of life. Seeing the good in people even when they try to convince me otherwise.

    This is not just because I am a ‘good-person’, I leave that nonsense to the ‘shadowy-ego-realm’, I live like this because it maintains my peaceful mind.

    All negative judgements create ‘dark-spots’ in your perception. I prefer to be as ‘naive’ as a child and live carefree and happy. 

    Thanks for sharing this post.


    1. Thanks for leaving a comment. Welcome to the club! 

  2. Hi I like what you are doing here. I love this and law of attraction is very real. Some books that have really helped guided me on journey, include the King James Bible, The Secret, Think and Grow Rich, The Universe Has your back and Manifest Babe. Not sure if directly linked to children, but in all the teachings there is to be a child like quality of love and light. Best wishes on your endeavors.

  3. This site is spot on!! I believe in using your inner-child at whatever age. Being a creative adult is amazing and has a lot of perks. For example, I still love watching cartoons esp Cartoon Network and Adult Swim. Great post.

  4. My job I do through the day is as nursery assistant I love my job to bits and have a passion for it your article is so true that we as adults can learn so much from children. We are suppose to be the role models for them but it is a fact that they are sometime the role model for us. Thanks for the great article and I cant wait for more.

    1. You are welcome James. Yes so much to learn from kids and we are after all also kids ourselves!

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