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Me? Maybe let’s first talk about you.

1. So who are you?
2. What’s your back story?
3. What’s  the service you offer to the world?
4. How do you differentiate yourself from others offering the same service?
5. What drives you and how are you motivated to move ahead?
6. At the end of your life, what will make you say “you did it”

Who I am is the unique way I help you answer the questions above for your journey to dream again. 

Hi, I’m HT. 

With 49 plus years of experience in life, ministry & leadership (as below), I want to help you.

HIEW HONG TECKGiver, Entrepreneur, Orphan Activist, Traveller & Family Man. 
+65 92212246 Email ht@myothings.com or myself@hthiew.com

    • Married with 2 teen girls and a boy.
    • Lived in 3 cities in Asia (KL & Singapore) and Australia (Perth).
    • Bachelor of Science (Hons) double major in Comp Science and IT @ University of Western Australia
    • 10 years in corporate IT in the forefront of computerisation of Singapore e-Government.
    • 5 years as Head of IT in a big non profit.
    • 20 years in children’s ministry, 12 years as children’s pastor.
    • Founded SongKids (SongKids.org) a non profit in 2016, leading teams of volunteers to empower orphans in Batam, Yangon, Penang, East Timur and other parts of the world.
    • Led the children ministry teams of volunteers to lead 500 kids. Grew it from 5 to 50 teams in 12 years.
    • 2017, started my social enterprise MYO’THINGS with multiple businesses including an online musical instrument store, training & Digital IT consultancy. 
    • Written & Produced 3 musicals in Singapore, Ragman, Jacob The Musical & Love Songs Love Stories 

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