If your days are more mundane than exciting, or you feel like sleepwalking more than being fully alive.

I believe you can discover your CHILDLIKE SENSE OF WONDER again.

You maybe wondering what has being childlike to do with fulfilling our adults dreams?

It has in THREE ways:

  1. Children DREAM. We, adults, not so much anymore.
  2. Children give their TRUST easily to people who love them.
  3. Creativity needed to achieve our life dreams is abundant if you have that kind of trust.

Wait! Before you say “Doesn’t childlike creativity sound like a childish thing?”

No. It isn’t because childlikeness is not childishness.

Childlike creativity is not acting like a child, it is recapturing the sense of wonder that we once had but lost along the way. We can restore childlikeness while keeping our adult’s sensibility so that we can operate using the best of both worlds.

Hong Teck was a children’s pastor for 12 years. He had spent 12 years full time working with kids.

Having built a team of 500 devoted volunteers dedicated to lead in kids in childlikeness, today he is ready to help you.


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