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Childlike Creativity, what’s that?!

“Wait. Are you serious? I’m already an adult, I don’t need it or even want it”

But hang on.

I know … any word with ‘child’ in it doesn’t sound appealing to practical and sensible adult like us.  

However….. No matter how unappealing it sounds, can I affirm that we need it. Especially in this volatile & ever changing world.

As a matter of fact, it is not that we don’t have it, we did once had it. 

Childlike creativity is so natural to us when we were a young child. The capability to think outside the box is so inbuilt into us as children because we were at that time just not inside any box. 

Yes, we once had it, but we LOST it ….. along the way due to limitations adults imposed on us in our early part of life. Some unfortunate things may have happened or careless words spoken that made all the “YESes” (and possibilities) become “NOs”.

As a result, things shut down on us. And we become adults today relying so much more on logic than on imagination.

Our left brain is put in the fore-front leaving our right brain hidden deep inside.

Now before you conclude “That’s okay! I’ve let childish behaviours behind me”,  let me argue that… Childlikeness is NOT childishness.

Childlikeness is not acting like a child when you are already a fully grown adult. Far from it. It’s about being yourself while recapturing the sense of wonder you once had. 

Childlikeness is “Curious”, “Fearlessness”, “Trusting”, “Resilent”, “Kind”, “Happy”, “Engaged”, “Energetic”, “Fun Loving”

Childishness on the other hand is “Grumpy”, “Short Tempered”, “Needy”, “Greedy”, “Agressive”, “Jealous”, “Suspicious”, “Stressed”, “Tired”, “Ashamed”. 

See the big difference?

You can restore this childlikeness while keeping your adult sensibility in your contemporary life.  By operating on the best of both worlds, you gain an advantage and will succeed easier & faster.

Although you were naturally childlike creativity, developing it after its dormant is a not a skill you were born with.  It is a skill everyone can develop FAST. Unearthing it is not difficult if you have the right strategy and plan. 

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